What happens if you have fracture?
Doctor puts plaster for 6 – 12 weeks.
Or you are operated and bones are fixed by metal plates or rods.
You are advised to take rest from work for longer period.
You may not be able to walk for many months.
You may not be able to write or sign important papers for longer period.
Your job is on risk due to long leaves.
  Your earnings suffer due to non workings.
  You are troubling others due to the fracture.
  Your ambulatory period is too long.

Your doctor has told you that your fracture is complicated and will take long time to recover.
  It will take longer time to gain normal strength of fractured bone.

Your fracture is at place where blood supply of bone is less so there will be delayed union.

Ancient Traditional           Bone Healer
  How it works?   Scientific Write-up’s  
Cissus quadrangularis is an indigenous medicinal plant of India..

Cissus quadrangularis showed a marked influence in the rate of fracture -...

Cissus Quadrangularis Linn (UNION) enhances the differentiation of bone..


90 Capsules per bottle

USD 100.00
(International Buyer)


Rs. 1888.00
(Buyers in Indian)

130 Capsules per bottle
USD 90.00
(International Buyer)   

Rs. 1744.00 (Buyers in Indian)

2 Bottles (60+60=120) Capsules
USD 120.00
(International Buyer)   
Rs. 3542.00 (Buyers in Indian)
Why to use and     Prescribe
Reducing morbidity, decreasing the period of immobilization & suffering, ..
Typical recommended daily dosage of Cissus extract is between1000 m.g. and 1500 mg..
  Are you suffering...?
Are you suffering from bone fracture?
Are you missing your studies due to fracture?
Are you unable to join duties due to fracture?
Are you loosing your job due to fracture?
Are you a case of delayed union of fracture?
Are you operated for non union of fracture?.
Are you worried about strength of union?.
Are you bearing heavy losses due to immobilization of fractured limb?
Are you unable to go on important business meetings due to fracture?.
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